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 Today, on the basis it’s better to try to write something, rather than leave the page blank, here’s poem number 2 of RhymeyRhymo.  [I’ve already put aside the original theme, NaNoWriMo!]



It’s November

and after that

December comes.

It numbs.

Fingers? Toes?

Who knows?

But then

new start

new hope

a chance

to grope

at what?




Yes, it’s November, and the time of year when some very brave people try the NaNoWriMo challenge. This involves attempting to write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days. That’s something like 1,666.6666 words in one day, and it might even mean 1,666.6666 GOOD words in one day. I feel faint at the very thought. If you’d like further details go to Sarah Salway’s article at Publishing Talk  where she makes the horrendous challenge very clear.

There was one very reassuring thought in her article. She said that in an experiment a group of students was divided in to two. One group was asked to try and make the perfect pot. The other group was asked to make as many pots as they could. It turns out that the students with the extensive output, produced more good pots than the students trying for perfection. Initially at least, working at quantity may work better than working at quality.

I find this a comforting thought somehow,  and then this idea followed.

Why not attempt a rhyming [or non rhyming poem] every day? Then, by the end of November, you’ll have enough poems to consider putting your work together as a collection. But, if you have this in mind, maybe you should spend today working out a theme for your collection, so that it will work as a whole… Love poetry? Seasonal? For children? Nature? Funny?…the list is endless.

Anyway, I’m going to try it, and on my first day I say this:


Different from the NaNoRhymo,

My idea is RhymeyRhymo.

A verse a day until I’ve thirty,

Full of truth and never dirty!