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Oldphotos 001

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday and that prompted me to look at some old photos of the family.  We didn’t have many taken in our childhood, but I found one of my dad and I on the promenade at Torquay. It prompted this verse:



In Torquay,

Dad and me,

Hand in hand,

Beside the sea.


Dad’s in his flannels,

Me in school mac,

A pudding bowl haircut,

Brutal and flat.


Dad twinkles in glasses,

But they’re tiny and rub,

He’s hoping our outing

Might end in the pub.


Just me and my dad,

And I’m feeling quite proud,

But oh if I’d known

As we walked in that crowd,

That summer is fleeting,

The waves rise and freeze,

And me and my dad

Will be ash in the breeze.


Sad, but true!






I may have mentioned my sister in Tasmania before. I missed her at the New Year [and yes, this blog has been a long time coming, due to computer problems…] but here is the poem I wrote for her.



The midnight hour approaches,

The bells resound at last,

And softly, softly, softly,

Comes the vision of the past.


Fondly, oh so fondly,

The long lost voices call,

That’s Father from his reading seat,

Mother busy in the hall.


She’s sweeping and she’s scrubbing,

While he’s puffing on his pipe

And dreaming of an amber glass

At the Duke of York tonight.


But the midnight hour is passing,

And the voices cease to call,

No Father lifts his amber glass,

No Mother strides the hall.


Just a child’s voice is calling,

To a child across the sea,

“Oh remember at this midnight hour,

To fondly think of me.”


Better late than never..and more to come.