An old friend of mine achieved a milestone birthday a few days ago. He’s in Canada, so I couldn’t make the trip. This is what I wrote for him:


What shall I wear for my party?

My shirt with the brightest of stripes?

Or shall I dress more subdued –

In manner and mood –

And go for the dimmest of lights?


Shall I manage to stay very sober

Or give way to a dozen pink gins?

Shall I fear that my pleasures are over –

Or announce that the fun just begins?


What shall I say to my family?

I fear I may stumble, or weep,

But I know that they think I’m amazing

And won’t chide if I fail to speak.


I know that I’ll think about Mother –

Her hats with the feathers and veils,

And I’ll wish that she’d ghost at my party,

As I’m spinning my jokes and my tales.


I know that they’ll sing Happy Birthday,

As the candles all glow in the dark,

And I’ll say that I’m glad I’ve been given

A life that’s a walk in the park!


He said it was a lovely poem. He especially liked the reference to his Mother who was a very glamorous milliner in her day!





About rhymebydesign

Mother, grandmother, mainstream poet and short story writer. Started off in life as a teacher, but then moved out of the classroom in to educational administration. Curious about what makes people tick, including my own tickings! I enjoy long walks, thought provoking books, theatre and leading a simple life. I offer a customised poetry writing service for any occasion you might like to mark. Contact me at rhymebydesign@hotmail.com for a quick quote.

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