Here’s part of one of my latest poems, written for a best man’s speech. It’s mostly about the student days they shared eighteen years ago…


It was Thursday night at The Session,

And the disco lights were aglow,

When we started a life’s conversation –

Was it eighteen years ago?


Remember the wonderful parties and

The hats we had perched on our heads?

The world we put right,

Through most of the night,

And the thrill of the musical beds!


We’ve travelled through Europe together,

Though the culture is not what we craved,

It was the strength of the booze,

A sense of nothing to loose,

 Who would know how their dear one behaved?


We know you’ve got strange predilections,

Like baring your bottom when pissed,

And when you’re feeling quite crude,

You inscribe something so rude,

Like, ‘My bottom just longs to be kissed!’


And so to the words of Berniers [*Louis]

When he writes about roots of trees,

How they grow and strengthen and deepen,

While their blossom floats by in the breeze.

May your love forever be rooted,

May it flourish through storm and in sun,

And as a romantic reminder of love –

Have ‘I love you’ tattooed on your bum.




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