I’m a would-be novelist as well as a poetry writer. The novel is still sitting in a very untidy box in my attic awaiting its resurrection, but I try to stick to my timetable of writing a poem a day. The more I write poetry the more I realise that whether you’re a novelist or a poet both present similar knotty challenges – where to make a start being the first major one! After that there’s the development of the creative piece, the selection of vocabulary, the images to create…not to mention the trickiness of a strong ending. I’m hoping that keeping a blog will keep me on track, even if I am out there in a wilderness of over 6 million people.

I want my poetry to be accessible to everyone and possibly I’m closer to Pam Ayers than I am to Ted Hughes, but who knows how good I may get?

I’ve had some poetry published on web sites and read at The Cheltenham Literary Festival and the Stratford-upon-Avon Poetry Festival. Both scary experiences but I enjoyed the clapping afterwards. Appreciation is nectar  to the aspiring poet!

I also write customized poetry for special occasions…births, marriages deaths etc. Contact me at rhymebydesign@hotmail.com if you’d like a verse written especially for you.

I charge from £10 per poem, or equivalent in other currencies. Payment, in advance, is via my PayPal account.

I’d  like to thank Sue Johnson for helping to motivate me to write stories as well as poetry.  I used to attend her writers workshop at Pershore Arts Centre, and only stopped because I felt it was really time to get going myself.

I’d also like to thank Helen Yendall.  I came across her blog by accident, but I find her blogaboutwriting really useful. That motivated me to get started with my own blog.




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