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I am a great aunt again! Baby Charles was born in Sydney a few days ago to my neice and her husband. I’m glad about his name. Some of the baby’s forbears on his Mother’s side were also named Charles. There was Charles the stonemason, Charles the creative picture framer and Charles, the Music Hall compere.

Here’s the verse:

And so – a new beginning,

At the breaking of the year,

New life, new love, new laughter,

Baby Charles is here.

On the threshold of the future,

Forged by ancient past-

Where others who once bore his name,

Are scattered in the dust.

There’s Charles who chiselled granite,

And Charles whose hands stroked wood,

Another Charles, the showman,

Who had music in his blood.

May you the new born Charlie

Feel the vigour of the past,

Hear the music of the future

And learn that love will last.






Here’s part of one of my latest poems, written for a best man’s speech. It’s mostly about the student days they shared eighteen years ago… LOVE’S TATTOO It was Thursday night at The Session, And the disco lights were aglow, When we started a life’s conversation – Was it eighteen years ago? * Remember the wonderful parties […]